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Capsule Filling Machine

Product Introduction:

We provide Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine and fully automatic capsule filling machines. The production speed for fully automatic capsule filling machine from 800 to 7500 pcs per minute.

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  • Why Choose Us?
  • For fully automatic capsules filling machine. It can complete the following processes automatically including feeding capsules, opening capsules, filling drugs, rejecting unqualified products, closing capsules, outputting products, cleaning molds.
  • Our machines meet GMP, ISO, CE standards.
  • Fully automatic working principle save labour cost and increases production efficiency.
  • Totally closed working space, and keeps environment dustless, clean and sanitary and safe.
  • Touch sensitive screen of PLC controller panel makes high precision, easy operation, clear display.
  • Imported electrical equipments and lasting main parts create stable, high efficient, precise performance.
  • 12 months guarantee and life-long maintenance for machine, debugging machine, train workers to operate and repair machines for free in China make machine long-life service.
  • Contact part with drug is covered by SS316.
  • Capsules usage rate ≥99%, qualified products rate ≥98%.

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